Folked out

Enjoyed an exhausting, weird and wonderful day on the coast at the alternative Folkestone Fringe Festival with geek Heather. From dress-up portraits to ringing giant 16th Century bells on the seafront, from derelict railway art installations and a wall covered in scratch card art – to hidden Tracey Emin treasures. A memorable, well-walked journey of creative discovery!

For my heart art, I’ve used a photo that I took of an art installation by Jonathan White called Rare Love – it was one of mine and Heathers favourites.The day started out a bit grey and I shot it from an abstract angle to enhance the erie atmosphere we experienced at that point. I’ve adjusted the curves/levels etc in pshop a bit and cropped into a jaunted heart shape to reflect my overall feeling of the day.

I've also collected a bunch of photos that I took to give you an idea of what to expect-plus a fab snap of Heathers shoes!


gem of megan by Geekhearts a day
gem of megan, a photo by Geekhearts a day on Flickr.

My mate Megan is a treasure of a friend and after leaving her to make her way home on Friday night I was instantly compelled to doodle this big jewel heart xx

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Biro on reverse of train ticket