Silver Mess

Indecisive would be the topic of the day. I changed my mind at least 3 times in the process of the design of my heart art tonight…which resulted of course in disaster. I carved out what was going to be a spiral, but I changed my mind and tried to turn it into the word ‘love’ instead, which actually ended up looking like neither.

Really what i should have done is abandond it then. But because I’d invested so much time into first my wood carving (that I wish I was better at!) I thought I’d use it as a stencil to improvise…

…I took a bigger chunk of wood, silver spray paint and a few of last years christmas tree decorations and mashed them together to create a bigger mess…that slightly resembles a heart I suppose. Lots of love went into what really is one of my worst heart arts…!













p.s we also got and decorated our christmas tree today-which inspired my initial spiral concept…

Say it with your heart

Whatever needs to be said. If its the wrong thing then make it right, it its the right thing first time then lucky you!

I need more practice at putting mouth in gear with brain…my heart is for the most part good, but OMG it sure can splurt out some gibberish. I’m still awaiting that real-life ‘undo’ or ‘rewind’ button to be invented!

I’ve made a series of speech marks in a few of my favourite colours…



Sticky-Bricks for kicks

I’ve ‘borrowed’ some tape to create my heart art- I know its hazard tape – but just love the colours. I wanted to beat my biggest heart art so far – so took to the side of our house…! This is now my biggest heart art and a monster celebration of my first ever webinar. Yes little old me is honoured to be a guest speaker at the wonderful Webheroines Emerge conference in January!

Check here for more info on what I’ll be hosting and discussing

Hearty Crafty

Today I spent the afternoon at in good company at ‘Have yourself a Crafty Little Christmas’ workshop, hosted by Thelma and Louise. It was the second instalment of their successful adventure to bring tea, cake, craft to all. There is a second workshop next Sunday, you can buy tickets from here

Well done girlies! I salute you! xx

I made this heart art with a kit that I brought from the little stall of goodies…

Crafty fun snaps of day