Tres Good

Tres = three in Spanish…

Three is a magic number…

…and it is also the amount of sleeps left on this 365 creative mission!

Mum presented me with a pack of ‘blow-pens’ for xmas…(yes we all know how easily pleased I am!) I cut out the word TRES in freehand serif style and used them as stencils to create todays heart art. The effect is a bit like spray-cans vs straw-blowing…

To fix a broken heart

We’ve been chopping up more wood and storing it away. I collected a tub of sawdust and knew I wanted to use it for my heart art somehow. I didn’t expect to come cross a broken padlock and decided to keep that too (I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m a hoarder before! lol!).

I instantly wanted to fix this broken padlock – and the soft contrast of the sawdust bed I now had in the tub made a perfect nurse-bed. I tied the ribbon to the arm, then into a bow and glued the ribbon into the lock.

Although it won’t actually work again – the visual concept is perfect. The padlock itself being the ‘security’ of a heart / love, the break / pain, the missing key / loss, the soft bed / comfort and the ribbon being the ‘magic’ gets us through a hard time. It looks like a pretty fix and represents the ‘mending a broken heart’ message for me anyway…you haven’t loved until you’ve had one…

The wood we've chopped and stored!




Joy to the world…

Feeling the full force of Christmas today. Finished the shopping, presents are wrapped and I’m ready for it…but I still don’t feel ‘Christmassy!’. Its the kind of time when you wish you were still 5 years old….well I do.

The little…erm…elf dude is drawn with poster marker on the inside cardboard tube from the used-up wrapping paper. I’ve done everything else in pshop.

Stamped and stuck with love

I’ve been saving up our christmas card envelopes as we’ve been receiving the cards through the post and today we had an extra special one from geek Heather (and her hubby), it included a set of hello there stickers. So I used these to join the envelopes…hopefully you can see the subtle heart?

Ho Ho Ho Woof Woof

I wouldn’t describe myself as superstitious…maybe quirky…but I like to think everyone has a few little lucky charms or beliefs maybe?

One of my lucky charms is this little half santa, half dog dude. My Rick gave him to me when we first got together and has been on lots of adventures – well pockets and handbags! He currently lives under my screen…and has witnessed the 365 heart journey so far and deserves a mention or at least to be used in a heart art.

Red for Christmas, Blue for Smurfs…now don’t be silly – dogs aren’t blue!

My lucky charm...currently standing as Santa of course!

Out for the Winter

Wouldn’t it be nice…just a complete rest for all of the cold season and waking up fresh as a diasy…with the daisies in spring!

Fine liner in my Pac Man sketch book…then coloured in photoshop. I’d like to scan this in and colour it up to create a proper print…I’m more pleased with it then I thought I’d be