Heart sweet Home

Thanks for popping back! (big hugs!)

I have decided to create an ongoing heart mission to myself – not as intense as daily heart art creations – just to share my creativity and inspirations that mean something to me and general heart-art related antics and my adventures. Hopefully you can still connect and share the journey, as it wouldn’t mean anything without you there (awwww!). So this will be the new Home Page to Geekheartsaday but you can still view all of last years hearts in the 2011 Archives.

What have I been doing with my January 2012 Holiday?

Initially trying not to see hearts! Trying not to make hearts. Trying not to visit my blog everyday. A weird  thing I noticed by the end of the first week in January was that my body / mind had installed a subliminal ‘alarm-clock’ for approaching midnight, around 9pm my body went into some sort of ‘have I made my heart art yet?’ geekmotion! If I’m honest, I’m still experiencing this to a degree!

I successfully hosted my first webinar for the Webheroines Emerge Conference. It was pretty nerve-racking but well received and a fabulous experience to talk to a live connection of around 100 people from all over the world. I will be sharing a recording soon! Thank you Webheroines!

I have been updating my website with new work features, showcase updates and indulged in adding an ‘about me‘ on there too.

This week I was honoured to be giving students feedback on their portfolio’s and careers in design as part of the DandAD Green Week at the London College of Communication. A very inspirational experience!

What do I Plan for 2012?

I also obviously have 365 heart arts and want to make your favourites are available to you. I’m also producing new arts for sale, taking commissions , and have a few other exciting tricks in the bag for 2012 – so you’ll have to keep tabs on me :0)

I will be updating the blog in time for Valentines Day, sharing some new visual lurrve and the stack of heart donations I’m still receiving! – thanks once again for following me and I hope you keep in touch x

I’d be lying if I said I had it all planned out-and you know me, I’m a day-by-day sort of gal! All I know is that I’ll put my heart into to everything and embrace whatever comes my way.

Learn to love your mistakes, cherish the unexpected and explore the unfamiliar. Experiment, inspire and discover!

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