Master of scales

One day I will be a pro at the drawing scales, but for now I am just grateful that I finally figured out how to do them! As you will know I’m trying my hand at ink, which as you can see I also need more practice at.

This heart is part of my sketch book contribution to the awesome 2012 sketchbook project (I’m very excited about)

who’s line?

I’ve been inspired by watching a full on marathon of the legendary Who’s line is it anyway so I started off with 1 line in illustrator and created an abstract heart shape as I went along. I think it captures the ‘improvised’ style of the show with the suggested movement with the linear design, I decided to fill it in red and think it almost looks a little iconic…?…it seems a bit familiar but I can’t think why? Any ideas?

020711 Happy Campers

020711 by Geekhearts a day
020711, a photo by Geekhearts a day on Flickr.

We got up and decided to go camping for my birthday with our good friends Adam and Katie (and their adorable pooch Lia). We’ve arranged to meet up with our other good friends and their beautiful cargo of kiddies for a bbq beach party on Sunday.

I’ve doodled a pile of camping related things with randomness and twirled and entwined the illustration into a heart.