NEW SERIES: #2 Whole-Hearted – ‘Gemma’


This New Series of hearts is inspired my connections with passionate people – ones that live their loves, train, teach or work in their dreams. These people are not within the creative industry – and that is what makes this project so exciting for me…because I believe creativity exists in all of us. 

I have had the opportunity to ‘interview’ these guest ‘non-artists’ and I have mailed them a blank heart art canvas to half-create and return. Then I have finished the other half and posted below! The results are interesting…and I can’t wait for you to discover my next delightful half-a-heart creator! Put your hands together for Gemma, Actress, Singer and Dancer…!

I know you love everything theatrical – but can you share your earliest acting/dance memory with us? My mum took me to see Phantom of the Opera, in London when I was just 4 years old!  I apparently sat mesmerised, never moved throughout the entire show. The whole front of house team all came in to peek at the teeny little girl, entranced, sat on top of every single booster seat in the house to enable me to see! A 4 year old sitting through a 3 hour show!! I remember being moved by the music! Michael Crawford  was playing Phantom. I wrote to him telling him I loved him! He wrote back!  Years later I worked with him in Wizard of Oz, at The Palladium. I told him my little tale! I still love him!

What is a typical day/shift (at work?) for you when you’re on stage? Depends on the job, and day! I have understudied in every job I’ve done, so during the day I, (along with all the covers,) am called in to rehearse, so when a cast member goes off the show,( through illness, injury, holiday, whatever it may be,) I know that role,  and can perform it at a moments notice. Then on matinee days,( twice a week,) we have 2 shows, so I’m in the theatre for around 12. To get make up on before our physical and vocal warm ups. Then hair into pin curls, and stocking caps, show underwear on, microphone pack on (usually a pouch is sewn  into your knickers!! To hold the Mike pack!!)  then threaded through your clothes and the wires stuck down on your skin. ( just Mike tape, doesn’t hurt!) costume on, wig on, wig glue on!  Have to be downstairs backstage at act one beginners (5 mins before show.) Do show! Do it all again later! On one show days, if not rehearsing get in at around 5/5.30. Repeat the above!

If you could see any show tonight what would it be and why? The Witches of Eastwick.  Was the first west end show I was in, so that’s special to me. Also, it is the most glorious show. It has everything. Simply perfect.

I walked down the aisle to the overture of Witches!!  Just adore it.

What 3 things can you never be without when you are getting ready for a show? I have to have a tidy dressing room place! Can’t work in a horrible muddle! Time! I hate rushing, but always end up hurrying some how!! A mirror! Trying to get ready without being able to see your face, to apply stage make up, and your hair, to be able to do pin curls, is a nightmare! Have had to do it before, and it put me in a bad mood!

If you had any advice for someone wanting to become a professional actress/dancer what would it be? If you don’t love performing with your entire soul, if it doesn’t light you up like nothing else can – if it isn’t something that you cannot live without. My advice would be to concentrate on a different profession. This business is brilliant, but also hard and at times cut throat. You will be out of work for periods of time. To enter this profession is to accept all this.

Or ,concentrate on your other talents and build your career in another direction. You can always go to see shows, and get your fix of theatre. We love an appreciative audience.

Could you share the last one or two people/websites/artists/events that inspire you? My very good friend Richard roe, is going from strength to strength as a choreographer.  He’s very in demand and I’m so proud. He’s hardworking and insanely talented, and it really makes me smile that his work is getting recognition, and being seen by so many. That I find inspiring.

I saw The Colour Purple at The Menier Chocolate Factory around 2 years ago. I’m still feeling inspired by it!! The piece is completely brilliant, the music is beautiful, the staging /choreography was excellent, the cast were fantastic, and the lead Cynthia Erivo is stunning. She is so very inspiring. The show is heartbreaking, and Cynthia, this tiny little woman, with the biggest voice, just holds the entire audience in the palm of her hand. She is superb. I love that theatre can do that, move you to the point of tears.

What memorable thing did your mum/dad used to say to you while you were growing up? Mum didn’t really have a memorable saying but a memorable thing she did was never ever miss any show, performance I was involved in.

She was there every single time supporting me. I remember once, I had a tiny solo in the schools carol concert,( stage school, carol concert was in Covent Garden – so was quite a big deal, and I was a bit scared) and mum was working and couldn’t get time off. I remember being upset that she wouldn’t be there to hear me sing my little bit, and it would be the first time that she wasn’t there.

I remember the concert had started, it got to the song in which I sang a solo, I stood up, and literally as I took a breath to start, my mum walked through the doors into the church! She stood, smiling, watching my verse, stayed for that song, then quietly left, to get back to work. Love that!

Can you tell us what inspired you to create you half-a-heart? Music makes me smile, makes me feel inspired, it makes me euphoric, and is able to bring on emotions and feelings by just playing. It is such a powerful tool. So, as I find music beautiful, I figured I’d use actual written music for my heart. I also find sheet music really quite beautiful.

I chose to use a selection of flying related brushes to create a photoshop artwork in vibrant colours. I combined this with some birds to represent the song/singing aspect plus some pin-up brushes. I really like the contrast and compliments the music paper.

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NEW SERIES: Whole-Hearted – ‘Jolie’


I know that I’m a dreamer…I dream big all the time…we all do right? is what gets us up and going – gives us a purpose, a direction…a path.

I’ve realised that I have a natural connection with passionate people – ones that live their loves, train, teach or work in their dreams. Although, these people are not within the creative industry – and that is what makes this project so exciting for me…because I believe creativity exists in all of us. 

I have had the opportunity to ‘interview’ these guest ‘non-artists’ and I have mailed them a blank heart art canvas to half-create and return. Then I have finished the other half and posted below! The results are interesting…and I can’t wait for you to discover the first half-a-heart creator in my new series called ‘Whole-Hearted’. GIve it up for Jolie, Company Director at Prestige Temps, BJJ Gold Medal world Champion in Brazilian jiu jitsu and SuperStar DJ.

Thanks for taking some time out of your hectic schedule to share with us. I know you are a positive thinker and do-er. Can you share your earliest positive memory with us? When I was growing up, my parents had a children’s wear shop called ‘Jolie children’s wear’. My mum made all of the clothes in the shop. She’s a very talented lady who got her city and guilds at the London College of fashion. We spent a lot of time at the shop, and during school holidays my dad used to take me on his deliveries to London. We often went to Bethnal Green Market to deliver an order of clothes that my mum had made. Opposite the clothes stall was a reggae music stall that used to play so many good tracks. These days made me really happy and it sewed the seed for the person who I have become today. I’m really proud of my parents and what they have achieved. Later in life when I went to the Notting hill carnival, I was always surprised at how many reggae songs I knew, and I put that down to always hearing them at Bethnal Green market. My parents had a really great Motown record collection, and I know that’s what set the tone for becoming a DJ. My dad was really sporty when he was younger. He was a diver for Redbridge and could do all sorts of summersaults. I told the kids in the street we lived in that my dad could do back flips. None of them believed me, so I got my dad out of the house and asked him if he would show them. One after the other, he did back flip after back flip after back flip. The kids were all astounded. He was by far the koolest dad ever for doing that.

What is a typical day for you? Every day is a Friday! I say that often as I love every day. I don’t really have a typical day as they are all so varied. I fill them with work, training, teaching, music, cooking and writing. I wake up early, do some work as I work from home. I’ll go to the gym, meet some clients or interview for new staff, cook some lovely food, write in my blog and train or teach in the evenings.

Ok. You have a day off work…what do you do? These are few and far between! Just recently I had a couple of days off and I spent most of it watching films snuggled up on the sofa. I’d been lacking in energy and felt like my body needed it. It’s something I do now, listen to what my body is telling me. I used to burn the candle at both ends and would end up making myself ill. I have active days off too where I meet up with friends or family, go for a meal or visit places in London. I love London; it has a special place in my heart. I live just far enough out, but close enough to get to easily.

What 3 things could you not live without? Food. I’m miserable when I’m hungry. Music. It’s guaranteed to lift your mood. Skype. It’s important when your parents live in Spain.

If you had any advice for someone wanting to set up their own company, or get into a BJJ or DJing what would it be?

If someone was to set up their own company, the advice I would give is to make sure it’s a true passion. You will spend all of your waking days working and thinking about the company so it needs to be something you truly love, and then it won’t feel like work. Also, get a really good accountant ;) If someone was to get into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, my advice to them is just train, be consistent, be humble in victory, gracious in defeat. Dream big, because even at the age of 37 years old, you can become a world champion. Most of all enjoy the journey.   If someone was to get in to djing, my advice to them is to play as many gigs as they can to get experience. If you can’t get the gigs, put on your own parties. You can’t always rely on promoters giving you work. Get a radio show, make podcasts and tell everyone about your mixes. Enjoy it, it’s one of the best things in the world to have this skill.

Could you share the last one or two people/websites/artists/events that inspire you? I’m a real foodie. I enjoy cooking and creating my own recipes. A couple of years ago someone introduced me to Paleo cooking. I really love theses websites 

What memorable thing did your mum/dad used to say to you while you were growing up? My parents never pushed me in to doing anything, they very much let me find my own way in life. They never really gave me any advice as such; they just showed me that if you work hard, you can achieve good things. My mum did say that as a girl I would have to work that little bit harder to be noticed, especially as I have a soft voice and I’m small in stature. Hard work never hurt anyone and I’m glad I have such good influences in my life.

Can you tell us what inspired you to create your half-a-heart? My half a heart represents some of my achievements. The bottom part of the heart has the three Brazilian jiu jitsu belts that I’ve had and have now. At the top is my kickboxing black belt with the 2nd dan stripes on the belt. Also the boxing gloves. There is my world championship gold medal, and music notes surround it all, as music is a huge part of my life and it’s all around me every day.

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My half-a-heart collage is inspired by a mutual love of strawberries, and summer time - a reflection of Jolies positive outlook and up-beat personality which everyone falls in love with when they meet her.
My half-a-heart collage is inspired by a mutual love of strawberries, and summer time – a reflection of Jolie’s positive outlook and up-beat personality which everyone falls in love with when they meet her.


Devastated to say that for one year only, (2014!) I missed out on Pick Me Up as first-time-mom-life took priority, but this year I made sure that I went, and I wheeled the little one around with me – reassured to see I wasn’t the only one with infant in tow. He was well-behaved, soaked it all up and even conveniently napped, enabling me to indulge in some creative ‘me time’ with blinkscratchart.

collection3 collection_bI think over the years the show has become more of a illustration vs graphic design battle, but then I think the industry has become integrated with all forms of hand-made make and create – which to be fair I do love!  This year sees a great push in graphic art, typography and ‘new’ technologies…well that is what caught my eye anyway. Especially the unpredictable results from the likes of Luke Evans – Xero Project, where he uses 5000,000 volts and manually copies the process of a laser printer (watch the short film too!). I was impressed with Jack Cunningham’s Collaboration with the incredibly talented Vincent Techer and his 3D modelling skills!…(our little on is already entering a dinosaur phase). Also Rop van Miero and his water colour animal paintings – being an experimenter with my art myself I fell in love with his quote  ‘…I create a gap, an uncertainty, between the act of making and the actual outcome’. Find out more on the Pick Me Up website

pick me up 2015
Sneak peak at Luke Evans, Jack Cunningham and Rop van Miero

If you are lucky enough to get yourself over to SomersetHouse for what is the best creative fair in my opinion – make sure you pause and make yourself something. It is definitely the most interactive yet with its – first ever programme of talks – and the usual workshops galore. I took part in the daily competition with blinkscratchart. I also created a typographic artwork in collaboration with our 18month old (by letting him select the tile background tile) and then the lovely guy at SOPE INC printed it for us there and then. Sope is four quarters of a wholesome hand-crafted vs new tech outfit – check them out here

Thank you SOPE INC

One highlight for me was taking the time to discover the inspiring BEST exhibition and talk with the warm and welcoming duo that makes up Niki Best. It was good to talk ‘grown-up’ with another creative mom and appreciate the balancing art of motherhood with…art! (and share a few family photos of course!). I was really excited to have niki want to share my scratch art with hers on instagram too (and dedicate my post title to hers!). Check out for more info on her multi-medium project and consulting on everythings goings-ons!

nikibest geekheartsaday
nikibest WOW MOM WOW and my love on the inside for blinkscratchart

Timeout seems to have rated this event as 3/5 stars, but I’d definitely give it a  5/5. I wish I could have stayed longer, had a drink at the bar and got involved in the first ever Talks (they looked interesting!) but that is a visit without the boy. With friends; solo, or infant – you will enjoy it, discover and feel inspired . I’m already looking forward to next years

On my 365 Challenge, I created a previous heart art cutting and sticking together from the heaven of AnthonyBurrill designs on a variety of coloured papers. (He is an inspiration of mine but also Pick Me Up 2011 workshop and main feature). I combined this concept with a message that I hold close to my heart ‘Love on the inside‘ (I’m not sure of the origin-I feel like I made it up, but I doubt that somehow!). So it seemed only fitting that I used this line for my scratch art doodle yesterday.

love on the inside
Heart art 2011 Love on The Inside and 2015

Heart and Passion

My photo of the carnaby street light bulbs – check out my instagram for original photo

I am excited to share that I will be starting a new series of hearts, influenced totally by other peoples passions and loves.

I don’t want to give too much of the idea away – but it will involve collaborations with inspirational people…not directly linked to the creative industry – with a bespoke piece of heart art created. There will be a new look and feel for the geekheartsaday blog too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am sure I will….eeeeek!

Becky x

A is For Always and Forever

I’ve had such a special day today with my family. We took our son to an indoor water park for the first time. It was lots of fun – I’m convinced he is half fish! He really didnt want to get out & loved everything from the mini waterslides, splashing with daddy in the rapids to toddling about in the water fountains. A day to remember for sure. Precious moments saved in my heart.

So today is the last of my 28 hearts of February mission. Im getting lots of love & support for my daily hearts so will continue to post dedigns & creations…just not daily.

My sketch is black biro on moleskin. A for Alessandro (our son & representing ALWAYS) a few ‘timeless’ elements for FOREVER – all teamed up with a few scales & tentacles.

Keep in touch, stay positive & be inspired x


Hooray For Mo-Sake

Today I was inspired by a mosaic pattern that I have seen thousands of time – as it’s in our local high street. It’s not very loved and is completely taken for granted. I’ve tried to find out about the history of it but with no joy. So I’ve included a screen grab from google to show it to you – which explains my heart art design. My design make me think tribal ‘knitwear’ though! haha!


Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 20.12.36


Today has been a manic one. I’ve collected our happy dog paddy from his lovely dog-carer Claire at Pet Au Pair (think superdooper-doggy-hotel+walkie-lover)..she is a jolly, inspirational lady. Plus my mums been staying and we took the boy to a soft-play where he spent most of the time between bouncing-uh-hum falling on the bouncy castle and rolling around in the ball pit. I”m sure our boy thinks he is part dog too…as he likes to get in the dog bed (with or without dog in there) and crawl around picking up toys with his mouth! I was a little concerned his first word was going to be ‘woof!’ but thankfully it was just a ‘Hello!’ instead.

So a colourful day all in all…if a little hectic.

I’ve created this as heart art as a vector artwork in Illustrator…