31 Que Sera Sera

Since recently discovering Wax Tailor‘s ‘Que Sera’ tune I have had it buzzing around in my head all week. While really I think some sort of mixed media would represent his style of hip/trip hop better than today’s creation – I wanted to use some of the latest vectors I’ve found. So today is mostly dedicated to the original ‘Que Sera’ message…maybe I’ll be compelled to create a heart once I listen to the rest of his album and then I’ll use some mixed-media again.

I’ve used swirls and flourishes to represent growth and the life and process of what ever will be…in this case a heart shape. These were kindly donated on vecteezy here. The font is called ‘Cursif’ and I found this on dafont.com

I finished the image in phsop, with a few colour and gradient overlays, patterns effects and inner shadows etc.

30 Pukka Parakeet

Today I found a heart on my daily dog walk, just already made up on the floor – so I snapped it as s I found it. But today I’m feeling quite creative – so I decided to pick it up and bring it home to make it into a bit of art. I’ve used some hand-made papers from  my art box collection and purple tissue paper (not that this photos does the contrast a realistic justice!).

I believe the feathers a probably from 1 of the many parakeets around by us. They brighten up the skies and make a hell of a noise…bit like me after a few vodkas! lol

29 Anitas Eighty Eighties

Today is my nan’s (mums side) 80th birthday. The dear little lady has raised 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls (20yrs between oldest and youngest!), producing 22 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren to date! Most of us are getting together tonight in a village hall – local to my nan – and celebrating her life. I’m quite sure my granddad (Dragan Vukomanovic) would have loved to see this day bless his soul – I just can’t wait to see her rosy face and give her a big hug.

Today is a day of full-on cooking (we’re already marinating 150 chicken drumsticks and cooking 360 sausages-it’s 8am!)  Tonight I’ll be reconnecting with relatives I’ve not seen for over 10/15 years so I’m also looking forward to that too.

Today’s heart art is dedicated to my nan, Anita Vukomanovic – Happy 80th Birthday! Mwah x

27 Mix-tape children

I’ll never forget the day I got upgraded to a walkman with a remote on the earphone wire and detachable battery charger…I took that everywhere. No need to pop the lid and flip it over to play the other side, nuh-hah. Long-gone had those days. How about when me and a best friend would pause and rewind to write down the lyrics of the latest chart topper -you’d make mix-tapes for each other…extra special if you got one from your boyfriend /girlfriend!

Well the last 6 months of so (yes I’ll catch-up in my own sweet time!) I’ve been given an ipod and have perfected this mp3 art…I mean forget the CD culture…that wasn’t half as fun an in comparison a bit of a blip huh!?! This heart is just a good old attribute to all those kids grown-up on mix tapes x

25 I heart you and me…

Looking back through some old photos  and memories. I chose this photo of me and my Rick (2009) because I like the honest and relaxed atmosphere that is captured I’ve displaced a few bits if the photo to focus on our expressions and mashed it up with some brutal lines to represent some of the architecture in Rotterdam (we visited that year)  it’s decorated with photo of a gorgeous rose photo I’d taken too around that time too.

24 Bags of it..

Today my inspiration is quite simple. Just sitting on the train with my sketch book out doodling for some random inspiration, and thought I’d copy the little gem detail on the tag of my bag. I began to arrange them into a heart shape – which is quite abstract…and later I got a little carried-away (ohh what shock!)  and also created a pattern with it once I scanned it in too.

23 Scream for ice-cream!

Two scoops in and I noticed that I had almost created a heart shape without even thinking about it. So I consciously made the final scoop into the ‘v’ point to complete. Nothing more special than a bit of spontaneous creativity…and ice-cream too of course!

(Wasn’t until viewing this photo on screen that I realised the bowl dosen’t include ‘dessert’ in its typographic-design!!!)