27 Mix-tape children

I’ll never forget the day I got upgraded to a walkman with a remote on the earphone wire and detachable battery charger…I took that everywhere. No need to pop the lid and flip it over to play the other side, nuh-hah. Long-gone had those days. How about when me and a best friend would pause and rewind to write down the lyrics of the latest chart topper -you’d make mix-tapes for each other…extra special if you got one from your boyfriend /girlfriend!

Well the last 6 months of so (yes I’ll catch-up in my own sweet time!) I’ve been given an ipod and have perfected this mp3 art…I mean forget the CD culture…that wasn’t half as fun an in comparison a bit of a blip huh!?! This heart is just a good old attribute to all those kids grown-up on mix tapes x


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