29 Anitas Eighty Eighties

Today is my nan’s (mums side) 80th birthday. The dear little lady has raised 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls (20yrs between oldest and youngest!), producing 22 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren to date! Most of us are getting together tonight in a village hall – local to my nan – and celebrating her life. I’m quite sure my granddad (Dragan Vukomanovic) would have loved to see this day bless his soul – I just can’t wait to see her rosy face and give her a big hug.

Today is a day of full-on cooking (we’re already marinating 150 chicken drumsticks and cooking 360 sausages-it’s 8am!)  Tonight I’ll be reconnecting with relatives I’ve not seen for over 10/15 years so I’m also looking forward to that too.

Today’s heart art is dedicated to my nan, Anita Vukomanovic – Happy 80th Birthday! Mwah x


2 thoughts on “29 Anitas Eighty Eighties

  1. Hey,
    I like the heart and the dedication, loving your art. I suppose it had been 10/15 years since we last met. Keep creative.


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