31 Que Sera Sera

Since recently discovering Wax Tailor‘s ‘Que Sera’ tune I have had it buzzing around in my head all week. While really I think some sort of mixed media would represent his style of hip/trip hop better than today’s creation – I wanted to use some of the latest vectors I’ve found. So today is mostly dedicated to the original ‘Que Sera’ message…maybe I’ll be compelled to create a heart once I listen to the rest of his album and then I’ll use some mixed-media again.

I’ve used swirls and flourishes to represent growth and the life and process of what ever will be…in this case a heart shape. These were kindly donated on vecteezy here. The font is called ‘Cursif’ and I found this on dafont.com

I finished the image in phsop, with a few colour and gradient overlays, patterns effects and inner shadows etc.


2 thoughts on “31 Que Sera Sera

    1. thanks ani – I agree, cold colours don’t do it justice…must have been the mood I was in that day..!?! If I revisit I’ll definitely change it. Hope you visit back and check out other posts, feedback is well appreciated!..have you checked out what I created on your birthday yet?

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