33 Little loopy laces

I expect that a few people do this too, I know my sister does – I cut those little loopy laces off the inside of tops / dresses – you know those that dangle down from your armpits if your not careful…?…I’m sure they must have a purpose…! Anyway…being the little hoarder that I am…I always kept them in a pot for ‘something’ and when I can across them this morning I though it would be nice to somehow use them in my heart art.

Later, at work, my friend Megan introduced me to an example of some lace art by Federico Uribe, which reminded my of an article in a 2004 edition of Grafik mag I have sitting on my desk (told you – hoarder!) showing a spread of the first issue of suede mag. It is of a couple of Adidas trainers with the laces growing into flowers…it stuck in my head I love it….you can see these examples here or click on the relative links in this para.

So hopefully that explains how these 2 small events have tied together for my inspiration today.


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