41 Keep Calm and Carry On

I first saw this famous poster only a few months ago around my friends Megan‘s flat and instantly fell for it. I didn’t expect to use it for my heart art-and back then I hadn’t even though up the geekhearts a day concept. Today another friend James, posted it to his facebook page and it reminded my how mush I loved it and this is my inspiration today.

I looked up the history of the design. I discovered that it was the 3rd in the series of posters created in WWII as a ‘morale boosting’ initiative. It was anticipated that should Britain be invaded the posters would be distributed – but as this didn’t happen they were never ‘publicly released’.

Since being rediscovered years later the design has been released into the public realm and grown in popularity…. my heart art is a proud contribution to everything British.

Source of history

Other posters in series:

Original poser Series


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