47 Tea-Hearty

Last  year I organised a tea-party fundraising event at work. It took place over a lunch-break. Everyone really enjoyed it and I raised over £160 for  a dear friend who ran the 2010 London Marathon in aid of Cancer Research UK.

And this year a friend at work  (Katie) is running the 2011 London marathon for a local Sam Beare Hospice,  so I suggested bringing back the tea-party again as everyone liked it so much.

Today was the day. I donated a variety of teas, served in different tea pots and baked a little raisin and pecan tea-loaf too. Katie made lots of sandwiches and scones and there was also some donated home-baking and jams contributed too. There is always a raffle too and amongst the fizz and boxes of biscuits my number 106 came up and I won some posh tea leaves…(I never win anything!) Katie also raised £240 (not bad for an hours madness).

So my tin of tea leaves is my inspiration today, that and a lot of generous friends. I sprinkled onto PVA glue on a piece of cardboard. YOu can see tea-party graphics I did in the February 2010 Showcase in my portfolio.

Hers’ to good tea and good company…


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