50 Eye of the beholder

This time last week I’d been to the museum of everything. I’d seen some amazing, beautiful and bizarre things – from photos of victorian midgets and deformed people in the circus, from a stuffed lamb with 2 heads to a room filled with all-singin ‘n’ dancing miniature fairground rides. Slightly freaky I would say…but definitely a wonderful experience and highly recommended.

A memorable point of the show was when I was in the small room filled with a collection dolls and I imagined how at some point a child had probably played with each one and how loved they had been. The room was pretty lonely – empty for visitors – I can only assume that most found the deformation, missing limbs and dirty faces slightly uncomfortable? This made me aware of my naturally positive view of things.

Todays heart art is inspired by that experience, combined with my treat of finding time today to read my Marian Banjets book called ‘I Wonder’. Today I connected with the ‘I wonder’ theory set out in the first chapter, the below being a little bit of my favourite;

We need to allow the mind to wander into it’s unnatural conclusions, surprising us with leaps of thought and the childish joy of unknowing. Curiosity, that once impious act that dares to question what was given, is the key to the fantastic.

So if I’ve managed to keep you reading for this long – big pat on the back! Hopefully I’ve made some sense – and through kind of ‘wonder’ and self-analysis it will explain why I have produced this heart art today…

The beautiful  brushes I used are available from brusheezy for download:

Pimbo’s Demon Brushes

Dark Wing brushes


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