51 Loopy Lace and Wunderkammern

As you’ll know if you’ve read yesterday’s post – I’m reading my I wonder book.  I’ve had the word ‘Wunderkammern‘ stuck in my head all day…a bit like when you get a song stuck in your head…but a word..not sure if anyone else ever get’s this – but I’ve always had it for as long as I remember. Every now and then a word gets stuck. We’ve also been watching (for the first time) Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (total coincidence I promise!)…I’m rarely in charge of the t.v remote!

Anyhow – I relaxed and spent time drawing my loopy-lace font that I’m occasionally developing….and turned that into my heart art today. I’ve brought it into pshop and made it into a sort of ‘wonder’ as I try to establish what it is I want to do with it….so it’s here lost in space and time in a sort of ‘in-progress-loopy-lace-font’ heart art today.

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