57 What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger

While I find the title of this post quite dramatic to my actual reality, I do connect with it. This post is dedicated to everyone who has to ‘deal with stuff’ sometimes and everyone else that feels low deep down, angry, sad and frustrated. This is a kind of expression of a passing storm, something that I don’t really do…a show of when I hurt. Since my geekhearts a day art is to be honest and created upon my daily inspiration I’m stepping into unfamiliar ground and letting myself out there…balancing out a postive I suppose.

I’m feeling much better thanks and no I’m not in the mood for talking about it – I don’t dwell on negativity. I have produced what I think is quite a beautiful heart today from it – and the sun always rises in the morning…

Black ball point pen a little water splashed from a paint brush. I held the paper up and turned it around to get the streaming affect.

Love and respect x


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