58 Love on the inside

I’ve had a well-deserved relaxing day at home with my man, just being us and doing some home-sweet-home kinda stuff really. I’m feeling quite connected to my inner spirit and true loves.

My long-love for tattoo art (my first piece of ‘published’ work was tattoos designs) and for the admiration I have for those passionate about what they do – I’m probably directly inspired by today being the the 1st day of filming for the new series of NYINK.

I’ve drawn this in pencil draft in my water-colour sketch book. Then over-drawn with ballpoint pen and coloured with (a limited selection of) felt-tips. I’ve then played with a fine paintbrush and some water…it’s the first time that I’ve really explored this style of colouring and am really pleased with the final piece. I know that I need to practice drawing the scales and get that flow right, but overall I feel like I’ve discovered something new about myself.

If you want to see more close up shots of this please click here


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