59 Cootie Catching…

I didn’t know the name of this paper-folding thing I’ve been making at work today. Apparently my google search says it’s called a ‘Cootie Catcher’ huh? Sounds american to me – surely this isn’t what we called it in our play ground…cooties were like the ‘lurgy’ if I remember right?

Anyhow, I spent the best part of Friday and this afternoon working up some designs based on these cootie catchers…so I could probably fold n make one with my eyes closed. Actually Rick has asked if he can test me so I’ll let know how good my blindfolded-cootie-cacther skills are later.

I base todays heart art on a 4 grid setup of the folds created when you make a cootie catcher. I then coloured with my vibrant 99p pack of felt-tips and added water. (yes still excited form yesterdays heart-art). If you want to see it before I added water click here and if you want to see how many tester cootie catchers I made click here!

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