75 Scan and drag

I don’t know if this technique has a particular name but my good mate Megan was explaining it to me toady and we came up with a selection of names – settling with ‘scan and drag!’ . It’s quite straightforward, I took my golden painted pine cone (wedding favour from our geek Heather’s wedding) and scanned it in – with a difference! Instead of keeping the cone still, I whooshed it around, dragged it slowly, stopped and started where it was placed and generally had some silly geek fun with it as the scanner scanned.

I patched together five of the final scans in pshop using layer masks onto a black background to create myself a heart shape. I’m please with the distorted effect and like the squinty ‘what the hell is that?!?’ this heart art evokes.

Y0u will soon be able to see a bunch of scans and the little ‘cone – alone’ on the Flickr archive.


One thought on “75 Scan and drag

  1. Loving the name you came up with for the technique! I take it you dont need to be in drag while scanning? Cool effect produced bex. Must give it a try out.

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