76 Make Irish and it might come true

Hope, Faith, Love and Luck. A four leaf clover is traditionally a very lucky accident to find.

I set out on St. Patrick’s day curious to it’s meaning. So I learnt a lot about him bringing Christianity to Ireland, this is his ‘triumph’ – the thing he is most famous for. To be honest I didn’t feel inspired. Later, an Irish friend of mine mentioned how St. Patrick was a bit like the Pied Piper of Hamelin in ridding the city of rats, because legend has it that St. Patrick rid Ireland of the snakes. I was inspired!

I happily decided to make my heart art from my discovery of a less-known myth associated with St Patrick – snakes…because I quite like snakes and felt it a great chance to explore the patterns in snakeskin.

I thought about my associations of Ireland – first to mind was the shamrock, or four-leaf clover, the symbolism of good luck. I remember hunting for them as a kid and wanting so badly to find one to make a wish…

I combined this with my snakeskin pattern to create my heart art today. I created a shamrock with the heart design too…you can see this on the Flickr Archive here


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