81 Wind-up

This is my post from yesterday. Unfortunately WordPress was broken, so I was unable to meet my daily post yesterday. I did post on Flickr, Facebook and Tweet it too – so I can prove to myself that I did in fact meet my 365 mission, despite not being able to pause time for WordPress to get fixed before midnight. Anyway, winge over,hopefully they’ve fixed it and it won’t happen again….post from yesterday below: I’m not 100% sure on my heart art inspiration today but it is quite fitting that wordpress isn’t working in my crucial last hour of the day to post!

I’ve drawn today’s heart art in pencil and then coloured in felt-tips….I gave myself the rule of trying not to think to much about the colours and being spontaneous with the technique…the not choosing colours bit was tough…so I closed my eyes.

I’ve been thinking of changing the look / theme of the geekheartsaday blog to a plain white – so it looks more tidy and ‘neat’ if you like…but I’ll see how I go…no promises…I’m not typically smooth – the majority of my ideas need refining and I’m forever changing my mind.


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