88 Sharpen your pencils

I’ve got a friend,
Shows me all the good times,
Tells me I look better

…the 1st few lines to my fave Kings of Leon tune playing in my head at the minute and quite fitting for my dailypost too…

A school friend of mine, fellow geek and true inspirational sketchy goddess, has set herself up a blog and goes by the name ‘HB the Pencil‘. I’m slightly cuckoo over her…and actually maybe having a little creative girlie crush on her work! The freedom, randomness and fairytale-esque of HB’s every-day subjects has me hooked.

She is a constant influence, friend and adorable geek that just seems to get me.

I started off just collecting HB pencils around the house, then found other pencils that looked different and interesting. So while the majority are HB, a few are not. I then sharpened them and arranged on an already prepared painted page in my sketchbook.

Also I recently discovered an artist that is more than nifty with a pencil – the rather astonishing and very talented Stuart Whitton


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