89 How do you like your eggs in the morning?

I’ve been inspired by this awesome animation based on ‘What Makes Your Day?’. I’ve ended up creating something a bit different to what I imagined in the process and pretty ‘off-brief’. Initially I had a little doodle in my sketchbook listing out things like the sunshine, tea and biscuits not being late for something or another, but wasn’t getting anywhere specific or personal.

I had a good think about what makes my day…so I started at the beginning. The first thing I see is my Rick. The second thing is his smile…which sparked off an echo of  that classic Dean Martin song in my head – the lyrics ‘how do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a kiss’…well in my head the lyrics say ‘I like mine with a smile!’ – Don’t you hate it when you learn the words wrong…the right ones  just never fit as well!

Anyhow it helped me decide that all I need to make my day is a smile…if everything else clicks into place it’s a bonus…regardless to what words are right or wrong!

This is also a great chance for me to share this bit of heart-shaped eggsellence with you too!