90 If you give up New York

I’ve had the idea of creating a heart playing card right from January, but it slips in and out of my mind – and as I give myself the rule of ‘daily inspiration’ it’s been quite a challenge to bring it to the table. However today, I’m in a drawing mood and feeling quite at peace, so I got my sketchbook out and wanted to take my time on something.

Being so heavily influenced by listening…almost compulsively to the Kings of Leon lately I naturally had The Face playing away (inside my head) and inspiring me to focus on my ‘kings of hearts’ card idea. The Face, is officially 1 of my all time fave songs by now…it just gives me goosebumps…you must have a song that does that for you right? Well I confess-this is currently mine-by the time the track hits this last line, I’ve melted.

Beneath the dance hall lights,
You seen a girl so sound,
Lights up the ground.
If you give up New York,
I’ll give you Tennessee,
The only place to be.

First verse, The Face by KOL – lyrics here hear the tune here

I’ve made it up as I’ve gone along, so it’s not quite symmetrical but I quite like that element…and those that know me well will recognise that as a very ‘me’ effect!


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