Happy geek!

Today I started a short Saturday summer course at Central St. Martins in London where you get set 100 design projects over the 6 Saturdays. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, I graduated in 2003 and so it’s been a while since I’ve been back in that environment…I refuse to count myself in the ‘mature student’ category yet! lol! It was certainly the best alternative to enjoying the nice weather today that’s for sure.

Being the creative geek I am, I enjoyed all the projects and especially the ‘unfinished-we’re-not-to0-fussy-on-refining-the-detail’ of the course…it’s purely about getting your ideas out quickly, developing them through different media / technique / sketches etc  within the minutes you’re assigned – and quickly moving onto the next. I’ve pulled out a few of my favourite piece of work on my personal blog here, where I also go into more detail.

So anyway my heart art:

One task (around 6 minutes) was to create a character of yourself, which focuses on, and extremely illustrates, a personality trait…pretty darn difficult to be fair, even harder under time pressures. After much faffing, scribble, rubbing out –  those that know me well enough will recognise – that in the end I picked out my boring caring / loving / giving side and stuck some geek-like-glasses on me!

Red, White and Royal Blue

Really…you still don’t know what my inspiration is today? Where have you been dude…?…I mean if the hype hadn’t already knocked you sideways – the magnitude of the Royal Wedding today must have impacted you somehow? You may have been in London amongst the zillion others, or street partying, bbqs, garden parties – down tut pub, stuck in traffic…or like me working away (with t.v on in the background!).

I’ve created my heart art in illustrator with lots of squares – creating a digital ‘pixel’ concept of the union jack flag…also inspired by a day in front of a screen too.

Wishing you all happy-ever-afters x

Take out

If you’re thinking we’ve had take-away tonight, you’re wrong. We went out to eat with friends!
Yep, it was a total surprise to me too…and very welcomed so I’m celebrating this pleasant and rare occasion by tearing up some old take-away menus…oh and of course arranging them in a heart shape and sticking to some grease-proof paper…x

Clutching at straws

Today is the 1st day where i had a bunch of ideas but they weren’t willing me into action, or they went against the rules I’ve given myself within this mission like, ‘idea is suggested = not my idea’ or ‘premeditated’. So I will honestly admit that for the first time this year I was completely mentally blocked.

From experience, I know that rather than attack it head-on, sometimes a break away from the brief, or fresh eyes is the best method. So I baked a cake (yes a cake!)

While doing this I came across a plastic straw – and I thought ‘ah-ha! create a heart from straws!’ but as I searched around for more straws I found a bag of plastic knives. Now randomly inspired, I arranged into a heart on the chest freezer and lit with fairy lights to take the above image.

I’m quite happy with the outcome and have kept the knives in my art box to recreate this heart onto a pretty backed paper in the future.

I heart skulls!

I heart askulladay.com – this is one of the 1st 365 blogs I came across sometime last year. Noah (the awesomely creative dude) and founder of skull a day – has also published a journal to help us other creatives embarking on 365 missions. He’s  quite THE inspiration! I am also featured on his blog – this is officially my 1st interview! whoop whoop! get me! haha! To read my first interview please click here

I’ve been dying to get my hands dirty and try out a new tecnique. So I made this heart art with some handmade paper, acrylic paint, water, PVA, sponges and paintbrushes. I cut out the skulls and used them as stencils and repeated with varying effects.

Green soul

I’ve been taking advantage of the unusually warm Easter break and relaxing, walking around barefoot (grass-stained soles=foot pampering), dining al la fresco and wearing dresses. I have created todays heart art buy tearing up some hand-made papers from my art box stash and splitting some fine scrap woods. I’m also aware that I’ve just missed out on Earth day – but fully support the cause and admire the 350 world art (I’d love to join in-let me know if you know of any in London /south area) x Hope you’ve all had a happy St.Georges say peeps!!!

Digital fun

I’m not really sure on my inspiration today but I’ve had fun in pshop playing with  three images – I’ve always liked this dance photo – I used it last year on a competition entry. I stumbled across it and imagined the dancer to be duplicated and mirrored to suggest a heart shape. Then I placed the water splash photos. I’ve thrown a load of effects on around 11 layers (some duplicates), adjusted colour balances and levels, with a variety of layer masks.

pet names vs nick names

Its a weird thing this. I’ve collected a load of food and animal related nicknames, some I find cute, even use, or have been called. I think they’ll have personal responses to the reader really. Either way they make you feel something, somewhere…maybe in your heart…?

I’ve used one of my favourite fonts ‘Braggadocio’ to create todays heart art…you may even notice that this is it’s second appearance so far.