100 Connections

Happy 100 hearts a day!!! Thanks for following and your continued support. I’m amazed at how many friends and family have got involved and sent me their own hearts. I’m totally in awe of all my new online and overseas friends – thanks for keeping tabs on me and getting in touch, you all make it extra special!

So 100 hearts in and I may now see hearts everywhere I go, but I have also discovered new creative techniques like with water colours and felt-tips (270211) – which led me to create a new style of my art as a gift. I’ve realised I do actually have patience to craft 3D art like the screws (140311), buttons (120311) and orange (060111). I’ve also recycled a load of the ‘stuffs’ I keep – like the ribbon-hooks on the insides of tops (020211) and my old mix-tapes (270111). I’ve downloaded a load of new brushes and indulged in my passion for digital art like the pin-up girls (090111) and the eye of the beholder (190211). Plus I’ve paid a lot more attention to my illustration styles  – roses (010111) doodles (220211) Kings (310311) and graphic skills like Que Sera (310111) 11.02.20011 (110211) you and me (250111) and peacock (230311).

I don’t know if I know what I’m all about yet, but I’m having fun and probably liking about half of my hearts so far…maybe that is just what it’s all about?

Anyway to celebrate 100 days of hearts I have changed the theme of the blog…and a welcome one it is…I’ve been itching to change it for while now…hope yo like it and thanks again for following xx


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