Flower Power Son

Not only am I a little barmy over growing sunflowers, but I handed over all of last years seeds to most of our neighbours over the weekend too – so hopefully I’ll be surrounded by a whole road of sunflowers in a couple of months.

Today, geek Heather made me aware of the Tate’s sunflower artist, Ai Weiwei, and his recent arrest/disappearance. I’m a little bit ignorant on the laws and overall subject, but seriously (?) am I right in thinking the poor dude has been imprisoned for artistic produce and creative freedom of his mind ‘n’ soul or am I missing something?

Either way it’s probably this little bit of conspiracy which has empowered me to create my sun flower seed heart art today…I’ll keep you posted on the local flower power community too…I’m sure competition will be rife for the tallest sunflower on the block!

I’ve drawn and coloured in Illustrator – I’ve also created a pattern too, which as usual is on the Flickr Archive.