Prince Charming and river boats…

Not only am I geek but I am most definitely a goof too! For example; today I cycled to work wearing my usual sporty trainers – only to get there and realise I’d lost one of my shoes on the way – must have fallen out my bag. I was a bit gutted but happily clunked around the office in my trainers. I text Rick and told him of my missing shoe as I knew it’d make him smile. I unashamingly shared my dopey drama to anyone that would listen at work – we’d joked about making up some ‘shoe-seeking-shoe’ personal adverts to post around  town (and yes I considered this for my heart art at that point too).

Anyhow work set in. Then just before lunch I got a call to say that Rick had arrived with my lost shoe! How fab – our lovely receptionist, Andrea, called me and said ‘your prince charming has arrived‘ to which I swooned downstairs to reunite my shoes! How fab! He’d been walking our dog, not really expecting to find it – but did!

So as a reward to took him for a sunny pub lunch on the Thames, where he had a giant cheese burger and I had fish and chips.

Also another top part of the day was when us 3 graphic designers took our boss Lester, with his wife and dog on a surprise boat trip for his 40th birthday. It was an hour trip, where you drive it yourself (if the right word is drive!?!) We all pitched in with wines, cheeses, biscuits, grapes, pickles and chutneys alike.

A couple of events to influence my heart art (I didn’t bother to tell you about breaking then fixing the fridge at work!)…a little doodledoo!

Plus Rick introduced me to this saying ‘Life isn’t worth living until you find something worth dying for’…which I’ve interpreted incorrectly into my design…seems I can’t naturally flow with a negative…!..


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