Clutching at straws

Today is the 1st day where i had a bunch of ideas but they weren’t willing me into action, or they went against the rules I’ve given myself within this mission like, ‘idea is suggested = not my idea’ or ‘premeditated’. So I will honestly admit that for the first time this year I was completely mentally blocked.

From experience, I know that rather than attack it head-on, sometimes a break away from the brief, or fresh eyes is the best method. So I baked a cake (yes a cake!)

While doing this I came across a plastic straw – and I thought ‘ah-ha! create a heart from straws!’ but as I searched around for more straws I found a bag of plastic knives. Now randomly inspired, I arranged into a heart on the chest freezer and lit with fairy lights to take the above image.

I’m quite happy with the outcome and have kept the knives in my art box to recreate this heart onto a pretty backed paper in the future.

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