Sunshine. Reload.

I’m pretty sure it was a mistake for me growing above the age of…7 years old…seriously, I really did cry on my 10th birthday, double-figures eeek!

I’ve spent the best part of the day playing silly games and talking complete nonsense with our 4 year old niece in the sunshine…and honestly-really enjoyed every minute of it. What is the biggest stress when you’re that age anyway…?….she’s pretty damn fearless and her main concern is when she has to go to bed….whereas I’ve become quite a wimp and am quite looking forward to that part of the day!

My inspiration is having this priceless sunshine filled experience with her today and sharing my discovery (and WANT – yes added to my official wish list) of this limited edition Pac Man moleskin sketch book set!

Limited Edition 'sketchbook box set' available on Amazon (image source: