Men are from Mars and Women from Venus

I was set a brief on Saturday to create a design for a couple of his and hers towels, however consideration had to be given that the pair were transgender – and in the process of becoming their opposite sex. We had maybe 4-5 minutes to create an idea. I came up with this repeatable pattern based on the ‘arrow and cross’ male/female gender symbols. I wasn’t actually aware of the third transgender symbol until now and reading the previous wiki page.

I quite liked the end balance and merging between both symbols in the pattern.  Either of the couple would be equally represented by the design, without any stereotypes. I mean the towel could be manufactured in a bunch of different colours if they did want to make sure they only used their own towel :0)

Anyhow I thought it was worth recreating on screen with more accuracy to the detail. If you want to see my original sketch you can visit my personal blog here.