You have to see it with your own eyes

So I’m half way through this short summer course at Central St Martins and yep, you know me – I love it! One of the 100 projects we were set was to ‘create a poster for an articfical eyes exhibition’ at the Hunterain Museum.

We previously went to the museum and wow – it’s amazing. Devoted to the  ‘anatomical and pathological’ studies – which is basically fossils, history and scientific autopsies of animals, birds, fish and the human form. I didn’t have enough time to see everything but it’s really worth vistiting…even if it makes your tummy squirm in places (like the hundreds of things in jars-BEWARE if your not into this stuff!) I’ll definitely be going back to complete the tour (BTW it’s totally free!)

Anyway back to the heart art…I sketched out my idea in the classromm (maybe allocated 5 minutes) I’ve got home this evening and turned it into a heart design of course!

My poster from class today

One thought on “You have to see it with your own eyes

  1. You obviously have a stronger stomach than me, when I visited this place for the first time I’d just had lunch and nearly parted with it.

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