I have lots of inspiration to back up my idea today…

– Phoebe and her origami hearts for Japan (I love this and will definitely be making some of my own!)

– I’ve always loved origami, last summer I actually illustrated lots of paper boats for the summer party at work, which  you can see in my July ’10 showcase archive here

– I stumbled on this beautiful vector graphic on istock today

– I’ve been wanting to create another something for my followers on Twitter

– I’ve recently discovered a very cool type of birdwatching 

– My friend HB the Pencil loves birds and she completed her first lecturing term – Well done love!

WOW that’s a lot of stuff huh!?!

This weekend I finally gave in and treated myself to the pac-man moleskin box set of sketch books that I’ve been drooling may remember that I discovered a week or so ago and helped inspire me to create my sunshine reloaded heart art. The point of me telling you this is that I broke the seal and have drawn in todays heart art in the yellow one!