Original apple-Zed

This is what I call the keyboard shortcut to undo the previous action, it’s more recently known as ‘command z‘. But when I first started learning it was called the ‘apple’ button and since then, I even call the little ‘i’ (information) button on the Sky t.v remote the ‘apple i’ button!  I’m just waiting for the day for the launch of the reality version – a portable undo button..imagine if you could just point and zap that mistake! ha! ha!

Todays heart art is made from ‘correction tape’ yep – the next generation of that stinky Tipp-ex you remember from school…the orginal ‘apple z’ button!

I found the little correction tape reel in my desk draw (previous owner I guess!) and took to it. I added some collage – some torn-out text from one of my dutch DJ magazines (picked up in Dam last year). Then I got even more carried away and used permanent marker to colour in bits and draw some random lines.

Correction tape in progress!

2 thoughts on “Original apple-Zed

  1. Oh wow, I LOVE today’s heart so much! I have that correction tape staring at me from my desk drawer but hadn’t thought much about it. This is a brilliant use of mundane office supplies to make really cool art! Bravo!

  2. Awww thanks luv – must admit this is 1 of the hearts that I’m least proud of. I guess that’s the thing with experimenting with unfamiliar media – sometimes they end up better than you expect, and in this case, not as great (for me!) But I’m a strong beliver in ‘your creative failures are someone elses gold’ x

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