I’ve got a great new friend from my art course, I’ve made a few friends, but this one in particular deserves a mention. She’s very grounded, sweet and funny – has a passion for photography and all things creative, she’s officially our newly adopted geek Caroline.

While our usual bunch of lovelies lunched in our now local (and highly recommended) cafe she actually used the words ‘you’ve inspired me to create a daily project’ (how cool!)…this would be a project where Caroline creates a logo/graphic everyday for the shopping centre in which she works…just for fun. Being pretty dazed with wowness (and the chocolate/cheescake slice I was scoffing) I fired back a mountain of suggestions ‘get it on a blog / facebook/ twitter’ share and inspire! So hopefully she will…and I’ll link you to her! Watch this space

To commemorate this I have created my heart art based on Caroline. She has this beautiful dark, black hair with a bright pink and bright orange lightning streak hiding underneath her parting above her left ear – they twinkle in your face when she hikes her sunglasses up on her head…and I love them!

I created this using some awesome brushes found brusheezy of course!


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