Be yourself

Today my Rick said to me ‘Be yourself, those that mind dont matter and those that matter don’t mind’ and I paused for a moment and said – do you know what, I’ve never heard it put like that, I really like that’.

I’ve always lived my life in that frame of mind, not really fitting in, always being happy to be the odd one out and thinking a bit on the fence, questioning everything – all the while staying true to the important things and the people that matter to me. I warm to passionate and ‘different’ people.. not the mainstream, commercial balls – I don’t actually watch the news, read the paper or buy any gossip mags – just take notice of the little bits that catch my eye and stand my newly discovered artist – Cleon Peterson (courtesy of our lovely Phoebe)

Inspired by this and the new (well second-hand) mirror art we’ve put up – a very loved and popular Alphonse Mucha-esque style.

My favourite in our series of 3 new mirrors

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