Flossie in Wonderland

This post is inspired by my friend Alice. She is a fabulous creative princess born to tailor and knit almost anything…when she’s not conquering her profession in architecture that is! I belive she won ‘Architect of the Year award 2010’ too, quite an act to follow nether-the-less (please correct me if I’m mistaken Alice!)

I will be assisting our geek Alice in creating a more established design/brand consitency in her online adventures and can’t wait to get my hands dirty. You could follow her blog ‘Flossie in Stitches’ and watch the transformation yourself if you liike?

 I was also lucky enough to be landed with an awesome bag – made by Alice, through our workplace ‘make you own secret santa’ activity (I’ll follow up with a pic soon!). I will keep you updated on the design side of things too.

Alice you rock!