Fried and froodled

Today I took the day off work and we went to the Clerkenwell Design Week festival. To be honest I’ve soaked up so much creativity today I’m drowning in it! I loved it all, but if I had to try pick the most enjoyable things out it would be meeting Lizzie Mary Cullen – just having a doodle  and a natter (being the lovely that she is, Lizzie’s going to tweet me a decent pic of my work) – and the life size pin-up (where you press yourself into a pinned-wall to create and extruded pin-out of your body form).

But really I just loved everything we saw, from the flux chairs at the Farmiloe building to the sky planters at the House of Detention. We topped off the day with a trip back to the Hunterain museum and a wander round Southbank-where there’s a monsterous visual celebration and man-made beach. I’m totally fried and buzzing and don’t know how I mustered up the oomph to doddle this heart art…but I did. I’ve also collated a bunch of general photos from the day – plus a poor quality photo of the scrawl I added to Lizzie’s giant papier mâché ribbon art.

Doodle on Lizzie Mary Cullen's giant papier mâché ribbon at House of Detention CDW 2011