Love n hate heart book

Final day of the 100 ideas Central Saint Martins art course today – I can’t rave about it enough – I’ve really enjoyed mygeekylittleself. Our final monster challenge was to create a book in an hour and  half…that means come-up with a concept, create content and then make it – trust me time flies! I don’t now why I decided to make it harder on myself and chose it to be a heart-shaped book…lol!?! especially when I’m not blessed with the greatest practical skills. Therefore this is definitely my monster heart art for today.

My concept is based on a love vs hate theme, personal to me – making up my ‘whole’ heart. It would be read from front-to-back as ‘loves’ and back-to-front as ‘hates’…hopefully it’ll make more sense when you see the pictures below…

View of front and back cover flat - showing whole heart concept. Front cover (loves) has a heart up the right way and back cover with a heart reversed (hates).
View of book spreads
Love - from front-to-back: 'sunshine' also showing from back-to-front my dislike for celery...urghh!
Hate - From back-to-front: 'eeew fishy fish' and little peak at love for snow on the right there

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