Less is more

I like to push things to the limit, actually  – my natural creative approach is to throw everything into something, stop, maybe question it, then fire out another idea and repeat until I’m burned out and everything is a blurry mess. Then I need to sit back, review, strip back and reorder it all, something I’ve become trained into doing. Sometimes I don’t finish things. Sometimes I don’t align something just because I’m bored. Sometimes I’ll just ask someone else.

Less is always more…but sometimes more just has to get you there.

I wanted to experiment with ‘what makes a heart’ symbol, the least I’d have to see to see it…


I love this word…I don’t think it’s actually a ‘real word’ but I have found the correct meaning in the urban dictionary and to me other descriptions would be ‘totally fried’, ‘wasted’, ‘spangled’, ‘hammered’, ‘worn-out’, ‘burning the candle at both ends’…etc etc. I’m currently working into a neon clothing print tooo..watch this space!

I used this awesome free font from dafont and created the heart lines in illustrator. I like things that tease your eyes and this jumps all over the place!


While she sleeps

Babysitting our nieces this evening and as Antonia (4yrs)  is fast asleep I use her latest new craft set to make todays heart art Sticker Scratcherz. I’m impressed! It’s holographic, spongey-like stickers that you foil stamp…either using templates or your own creativity. I’ve got a pic of the box to show you…if you’ve got young kiddies-its a sweet, easy n pretty mess-free idea!

I made this in three stages, outside, inner and centre. All with 2 layers of foil applied to each.

Baner Cymru – Welsh Dragon

Shortly we are heading off on the 4 hour drive to Mid-Wales (We’re staying with My Aunt and Uncle again at their lovely b&b on the coast). So I’ve taken the welsh dragon, cut him up (assuming a him!) and turned into a heart shape..ouch! :0)

FYI I’ll be remote uploading to Geekhheartsaday on Flickr until Wednesday. If I get access to a PC then I’ll press to blog…if not then that’s where the daily posts will be until Wednesday.