Less is more

I like to push things to the limit, actually  – my natural creative approach is to throw everything into something, stop, maybe question it, then fire out another idea and repeat until I’m burned out and everything is a blurry mess. Then I need to sit back, review, strip back and reorder it all, something I’ve become trained into doing. Sometimes I don’t finish things. Sometimes I don’t align something just because I’m bored. Sometimes I’ll just ask someone else.

Less is always more…but sometimes more just has to get you there.

I wanted to experiment with ‘what makes a heart’ symbol, the least I’d have to see to see it…


I love this word…I don’t think it’s actually a ‘real word’ but I have found the correct meaning in the urban dictionary and to me other descriptions would be ‘totally fried’, ‘wasted’, ‘spangled’, ‘hammered’, ‘worn-out’, ‘burning the candle at both ends’…etc etc. I’m currently working into a neon clothing print tooo..watch this space!

I used this awesome free font from dafont and created the heart lines in illustrator. I like things that tease your eyes and this jumps all over the place!


While she sleeps

Babysitting our nieces this evening and as Antonia (4yrs)  is fast asleep I use her latest new craft set to make todays heart art Sticker Scratcherz. I’m impressed! It’s holographic, spongey-like stickers that you foil stamp…either using templates or your own creativity. I’ve got a pic of the box to show you…if you’ve got young kiddies-its a sweet, easy n pretty mess-free idea!

I made this in three stages, outside, inner and centre. All with 2 layers of foil applied to each.

Baner Cymru – Welsh Dragon

Shortly we are heading off on the 4 hour drive to Mid-Wales (We’re staying with My Aunt and Uncle again at their lovely b&b on the coast). So I’ve taken the welsh dragon, cut him up (assuming a him!) and turned into a heart shape..ouch! :0)

FYI I’ll be remote uploading to Geekhheartsaday on Flickr until Wednesday. If I get access to a PC then I’ll press to blog…if not then that’s where the daily posts will be until Wednesday.


Oranje driehoeken – Orange triangles

I’ve been wanting to use some more magazine collage and took to my March 2010 edition of Uitburo – I really enjoy the layouts in this freebie culture / music / arts magazine. I don’t understand dutch but we visit every year – I am in love with the arts culture, architecture, history and their approach to design. Probably one of my most love-to-work-there locations in the world actually!

I’m also directly inspired by no.14/19 from Niki Pilkington’s new collection of work. Her drawings always put a smile on my face and the interaction between cut-outs and mixing media gives a memorable twist.

The orange backing paper is an extra bonus to my dutch tribute and the hint of a love-traingle..well that could also be quite dutch!

Heart Melts Time Heals

Theres never enough time really is there? thats what I think. But one art teacher would always argue that ‘Da Vinci had the same amount of hours in his day and look what he achieved’. This has always stuck with me…even if I can’t seem to get my head around it…I discussed this recently and it was suggested that he didn’t have a blog, Twitter, Facebook did he..?…Can you imagine what his processes would be now..?..mental right. Something to consider for the great master anyway.

I like the idea of time melting and will always love Dali’s melting clocks in Persistence of Memory. When revisiting his works I  thought ‘heart melts’ and ‘time heals’ so I had a bash at making a heart visual of these. Although I haven’t painted it (not enough time of course!) I would like to. I have created todays heart in illustrator and pshop.