Family circles

Today we had our friends over with the two youngest boys of their four children Alfie and Arthur. They are so cute but noisy, fun but ‘tasking’, content and then..well NOT! lol! Despite all of the ‘chaos’ that seems to surround them, our friends-come–full-on-parents have got an amazing little family circle of balance…and they just ooze all of the contradiction’s that make a young and growing family…well….oh-so special x

I’ve based my heart art on a circle pattern; the idea of families intertwining and over-lapping, sometimes complimenting, sometimes competing..or ‘combatting’ I’m sure they would rather describe it! I’ve used warm colours and quite like how it suggests tea-cup rings…very home sweet home! I’ve thrown a load of pshop effects at the ai file and placed a textured background to give some depth.

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