Heart Melts Time Heals

Theres never enough time really is there? thats what I think. But one art teacher would always argue that ‘Da Vinci had the same amount of hours in his day and look what he achieved’. This has always stuck with me…even if I can’t seem to get my head around it…I discussed this recently and it was suggested that he didn’t have a blog, Twitter, Facebook did he..?…Can you imagine what his processes would be now..?..mental right. Something to consider for the great master anyway.

I like the idea of time melting and will always love Dali’s melting clocks in Persistence of Memory. When revisiting his works I  thought ‘heart melts’ and ‘time heals’ so I had a bash at making a heart visual of these. Although I haven’t painted it (not enough time of course!) I would like to. I have created todays heart in illustrator and pshop.


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