Clowning around

I think having a few jokes and a giggle keeps a relationship healthy…and we have our fair share of sillyness. I’m also totally hooked on a new t.v series on Sky atlantic called Carnivale its beautiful but dark, enchanting and twisting, just keeps me on the edge of my seat. So this is my combined inspiration today.

I downloaded my pretty circus font from dafont and the clown brush I’ve had hanging around for ages so not sure on that (sorry) All creted in photoshop…I love this silly little quote too, makes me smile!


I have a special friend who is a complete photoshop legend…she never fails to amaze me! If I need an inspiring fix or a little drool at something a bit wow, I just check out  her latest work. Emily and I studied together at Uni and although our lives and careers have taken quite different paths we just seem to click and get on like a house on fire.

I defintley don’t tell her enough that I think she rocks or make enough effort to visit her and the little family out in the sticks – hopefully this photoshop creation will be like a big virtual hug and we’ll be in each others company soon x

Check her out when you get a sec! 


Young at…

Embracing my inner-child and helping out a friend with some photography is all in a hard days work. Yep this is me, whizzing around on the roundabout in a playground at lunchtime! Yes…I am a big kid so there! x

If you’re interested in photography you really should check out Dave’s website or Flickr stream, I even have one set as my desktop.

So I’ve taken his very cool ‘motion’ photo (there’s probably some technical speak that he’ll pick me up on there) and messed around with a linear pattern and effects in photoshop.

only one in my heart

I got to thinking about all of the things that could be the most loved. So much so,  that they could be the only one of that kind in someones heart. Like when you hear ‘the only man in my heart’ or ‘woman’ or ‘thats the place in my heart’, or that song is ‘from my heart’…I mean wow! there’s so many things that could fill up in there…!

I though it was a cute idea and pink seemed pretty appropriate…


Roll with it

You gotta roll with it
You gotta take your time
You gotta say what you say
Don’t let anybody get in your way
‘Cause it’s all too much for me to take

Oasis, Roll with it

I spent a good couple of hours split between indesign, illustrator and photoshop actually failing at creating anything remotely heart shaped or original. A hangover and afternoon in town ‘birthday-boy shopping’ probably drained the best part of any energy I woke up with. So blank-head in full action, I pulled out a couple of graphit pencils that my friend Luisella gave my for my birthday – very inspiring young lady she is too, we met on the 100 ideas course at central st. martins.

Anyway – I needed a break from the sreen to produce my heart art and these were a perfect distraction…

Actions speak louder than words

Yesterday a good, long time friend and I went to see the Tracey Emin Love is What you Want exhibition at the Hayward. Neither of us being really familiar with her work but more the medias voice of her, we wandered around in delight, disgust, smiles and anger. Some may say that ‘but how is that art?’ others may say ‘it makes you feel something therefore it is art’, others may drool at her incredible blanket art…I think if I’m honest I was all of those people. I would highly recommend you go see it, not because I think it’s the best thing ever, but because it made me feel. I have a lot of respect for her, the things she communicates, her blatant and then cleverly hidden messages. Her skill, her variety, her life and enthusiasm but most of all her love for artistic expression.