020711 Doodle-blue

020711 by Geekhearts a day
020711, a photo by Geekhearts a day on Flickr.

Had a lovely day with some special friends (previous heart art dedication) – bbq, pooch, kiddies and sunshine. But first time I’ve felt like I’ve ‘got to do’ my heart art. Luckily Emma is a whirlwind of inspiration and creativity. She makes lots of bits around the house, crafting and painting this and that, so she handed me her art box. Emma recently painted a beautiful canvas artwork for their bedroom in shades of blues, including a mixture of sugar papers, textures, stencils and wax.

I made this heart art on a pale blue block canvas with some sharpies. I curled up on their sofa and chilled out in the conversation and mellow tunes. Thanks Ems! x


2 thoughts on “020711 Doodle-blue

    1. thanks Phoebe – I didn’t feel very happy with this one but thats probably coz i rushed it…that’ll teach me for getting carried away with a social-life! haha!

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