Too girly girly

I have a bunch of things for my inspiration today…they do have a ‘sort-of theme’ about them, and have inspired me…I just don’t really know how…!

Throughout most of my childhood I was a serious tom-boy. When I wasn’t drawing, I hung around with the boys, followed a team and played football, wrestled, climbed trees, collected toy carsHeman figures, Transformers, Thunder katsNinja Turtles, snakes, dragons, fighting, bikes, skates, skateboards and general mud and mischief. My mother would beg me for years to get into to a skirt! haha!

But there was a transformation of course, those teenage years…where somehow I managed it. I suppose, I’m thinking like this because it’s my birthday this week and my parents always ask what I want for my birthday and we discuss the things they’ve got me over the years, the parties and the cakes. I suprise myself that right now I’m considering anything pretty, floral print, fashion jewellery, perfume and dresses…!

Amongst all of this I found the idea to create my heart with the retro girls game of dressing paper dolls except the doll gets dressed into a heart of course…!

One thought on “Too girly girly

  1. Nice, very different!

    You used to collect those plastic bones for dinosaurs too!!

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