Dip in the middle

I’m over half way through my heart mission and today I’m feeling a bit less oomph than usual…I seem to have lost track, this isn’t the 1st time  recently that I’ve found it difficult to get making my heart art. Maybe its just one of those days…or a natural thing..?…I mean it is a monday and I’ve had a great weekend…so I must be crashing from all that? I need to know if this is normal for anyone else doing a 365 mission?

So I tried something different and instead of thinking heart first I’ve just made this up as I’ve gone along and hoped for a heart shape…I suppose I cant be feelin it every day and I’ll be back in love tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “Dip in the middle

  1. Another excellent doodle. Could never tell you weren’t feeling it. I certainly am not always in love with my heart art, there are good days and not so good days, but as I’m sure you know, the great days will come again! I think that is the lesson with this project, that even when we don’t feel it, we can still create something beautiful. Keep it up! xx

  2. This is lovely , even tho’ your not feeling very heartified at he moment you’ve still created something beautiful, I really like this one. xxx

  3. a very interesting heart all the same, how on earth you come up with these idea’s when your not even feeling it, leaves me with much confusion.. xxx

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