Glitter glue and Lino

I tried to think of  a fancy name for this heart art but I couldn’t master it! I have taken to the art of doodling, I have opened my pack of glitter glue pens (fun bday prezzy from Rick) and used one from the stack of lino samples I’ve acquired from our geek Megan. I wanted to rekindle the passion for my heart mission and I seem to have succeeded by being crazy with it…!

I chose a pretty ‘ewww’ lino sample and similar pallet from my glitter glue and hoped for the best. I think the golden/brown lotus flower sucks but my first reaction is to criticise my work! I am pleased with the stars and roses though. I’m sure I’ll find another reason to get these pens out for some heart art again.




2 thoughts on “Glitter glue and Lino

  1. Loving this Bex, a very pretty piece of work – looks really delicate & intricate all at the same time xxx

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