Rock the boat

You may have gathered by now that I like creativity that contradicts, questions, confuses…almost balances out, so not quite a ‘yes’, not quite a ‘no’…possibly a yin / yan method I guess, if I really think about it. However I like to also question this too (of course!) and confront the balance I believe in . I just can’t help it.

I’ve been indulging in this ‘attack’ on harmony today and created my heart art with a punch. This technique is based on ‘Chromostereopsis‘ – the visual perception of depth created from red-blue (or sometimes red-green). Different wavelengths or colors of light are bent and vary in size.  It is irritating to a viewer’s eyes – the red will look closer than the blue…unless like me you have a pair of 3D glasses on and till your head 90 degrees…then the blue is closer. But for some reason this only works if you physically tilt your head – not by simply rotating the image on screen.



One thought on “Rock the boat

  1. I like it, if you scroll the screen up and down fast, it looks like a dancing heart……………………once again a very different creation that i’m impressed with! xxx

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