where the heart is

where the heart is by Geekhearts a day
where the heart is, a photo by Geekhearts a day on Flickr.

I’ve been commuting into central for the most of this week and my sketchbook has become my best friend along the journey.

I walked along southbank and the jubilee thames route and over blackfrias bridge up to Smithfield Market in Farringdon – gorgeous in the Summer haze. I generally take for granted all of the sights of London, but since connecting with Pheobe (fellow heart a day-er and her being a proud New Yorker) I thought I’d take it in and enjoy City sites.

So this is a donation of a heart organ to Pheobe, which I’ve done my best to suggest the symbolic heart shape symbol for geekhearts. I then added fractions of Home Sweet Home for significance to us both.

Lovely to have met you Pheobe, and I hope that one day we manage to visit each others cities!


2 thoughts on “where the heart is

  1. Likewise, Becky! Knowing you are on this journey with me, ahead of me, is my inspiration and motivation. This heart is just gorgeous, thank you! I hope we meet in one of our cities too 🙂

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