Cracked up

Back in June when I got stuck into Anthony Burrill’s Clear Your Mind Everyday workshop he presented me with 2 copies of a new arts magazine (he’s got a cool interview in this issue!). I have read it throughly front to back and love it! It’s a free arts, music and culture A3 sized newspaper style magazine called CRACK…they play on the name throughout and it’s written like you are talking to your best friend – just an epic little treasure really. I’ve found their website and although I’m subscribing (and strongly recommend it!) I can’t stress enough the joy of reading the real thing in your hands.

So anyway, one of my copies is in safe keeping  and the other – in true Anthony Burrill workshop style – is cut up and stuck together to create my heart art.

The illustration is a feature on outstanding artist Mr. Mead, I had a go at the crossword in the back and chopped up the fashion photography to create a pair of freaky looking chicks in a heart shape…


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